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Alternative Media Wins the Day But What Happens If/When the Feds Turn Off the Internet?

I think it can be safely said that it was the alternative media that won the day at the Bundy ranch recently. Who would argue with that, especially considering the fact that by and large, with the major exception of Sean Hannity’s radio program, the lamestream media essentially ignored the issue. I also noticed that President Obama was loudly quiet. He did not say “boo” during the entire standoff, which is unlike him because he likes to insert his sound bites into situations that do more to increase chaos (or racism, etc.) than to calm things down. In that way, he is probably one of the best puppets the Puppet Masters could ever hope to have on their payroll. He is a black man who has taken a real shine to being enslaved by the Global Elite (GE).

But the situation regarding Cliven Bundy can be summed up with this statement from Natural News. “One of the most extraordinary stories in the history of American journalism took place this last week, and the mainstream (liberal) media was AWOL the entire time.” That’s the fact, Jack!

Here we had what could have easily turned out to be another American Revolution and the media felt it best not to even deal with it. If that doesn’t tell you whom they serve, nothing will. Of course, we realize that they were likely threatened with being completely shut out of any information from the White House if they covered the situation between the BLM and Bundy, so as usual, the media caved into demands.

But all of this brings a few more questions to the fore. As some have already begun noting, the situation may not be over. Doug Hagmann has noted that the quick withdrawal (and surrender) of BLM may only be temporary. I believe it and whether or not they attack this issue again (Bundy’s grazing cattle) in that same location, the feds only learned that America has had it and will not stand for the government’s illegal maneuvering any longer. The problem though is that the federal government will not give up either. They will simply step back, regroup, and go at it from a different angle. Of that, we can be assured. According to Hagmann, this is exactly what they are going to do and will attack the same problem in the same area with results more to their liking. Time will tell.

We also note that during the stand off, a “no-fly” zone was created over the ranch area. Beyond this, cell phone towers in the area were also shut down in an attempt to keep all of us “citizen journalists” from spreading the word.

This brings up an important point that we, the people, need to deal with because it may mean the silencing of our voices if we don’t. During the next federally-sponsored illegal tactic, is it possible that not only cell towers, but at least part of the Internet will be shut down? I’m confident that this would be considered. Think about it. If the feds shut down all or part of the Internet, along with cell towers in the area of the event, not only who, but how will the event be covered?

How many of us have radio shows that are only on the ‘Net? How many of us get much of our information via the Internet? Most of us do because the mainstream media cannot be trusted and for good reason.

What needs to be considered is another plan by which the federal government cannot really shut down. I think it is important that we truly consider this because without communication, nothing can be accomplished at all. If cell towers are shut down, there goes our phones. A large percentage of people don’t even have land lines anymore, a mistake, I might add.

If the Internet is shut down, there goes all of our social networks and everything else with it. I’ve long thought how addicting being connected to the ‘Net is for many of us. Can you recall a day when you did not go on the Internet at all? I can’t for myself.

The only alternative communication tool I can think of is shortwave. While a license is required, it’s not that difficult to obtain. The start-up may be a bit pricey, depending upon what you want to fulfill your needs, but in the end, it may be our best bet.

I wonder too if we have become so addicted and umbilically-cord connected to the ‘Net that we don’t even consider an alternative source of communication? I think it’s time we did before we are left totally in the dark.

We know the federal government – in many instances – does not have our best interests at heart. (Have you heard of the coming new global tax system that is supposed to be in place by the end of 2015?) Because of that, we need to do what is best for us. Alternative measures need to be considered as a means of staying in touch.

Unless someone out there has better ideas, shortwave may just be the answer. Start researching it for yourself. If the feds shut down the ‘Net and at least some cell towers, we are all out of luck. I don’t want to be there. Do you?

If you have other suggestions, let’s hear them!

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