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American Arrested For Planning Attack In Name Of ISIS

A Phoenix man was arrested for planning an attack on in the name of ISIS earlier this week.

Would you believe that his lawyer tried to use the mental illness defense for this guy after he had been caught? It seems so many liberals are not being held responsible for their craziness and want to use the mental illness as an excuse to get out of serving significant jail time.

For some odd reason, individuals like Derrick Thompson think ISIS is going to win their battle here in the U.S., so they want to help contribute by starting wars over here. Well, that will never happen, I promise you.


From ABC15:

In October, investigators say Thompson made several Google searches including: midnight mass, martyrdom vs suicide and which type of gun is the most powerful. He also reportedly posted on his Google Plus account in October, “We need to get down with this ISIS S***.”

According to court paperwork, it was January 2015 when Thompson tried to buy gun from with the intent to carry out an attack for ISIL. However, Thompson is a convicted felon – which prohibits him from buying a firearm.

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Investigators say since 2014, Thompson has been an “avowed jihadist,” and has conducted 100’s of Google searches for handguns, rifles, scopes and crossbows.

Thompson, who was raised in Arizona, was involved in two armed robberies in 2005 along with two other men. They robbed two men in two days, armed with a handgun and an SKS rifle with a bayonet. Thompson was sentenced to seven and half years in prison for his involvement in these crimes. Thompson was released on January 1, 2013.

Authorities said Khan had also expressed a desire to attack a Jewish community center in Tucson and that investigators found a document in a search of his home that showed he wanted to attack a military recruiting center and a fitness location.

His defense attorney said Khan has struggled with mental health issues and shown poor impulse control but accepts responsibility for his actions.

Phoenix man tried to plan a lone wolf attack in… by dgraphics2009

I admit the guy is sick, but I am not sure he should be placed in a mental hospital. I think he should be put in jail and have the key destroyed. You decide to wreak havoc on our nation; you are telling America you don’t want to be a part of society.

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