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A Muslim family perform prayers for Eid-al Fitr to mark the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan at a park in London, Britain, July 17, 2015. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett - RTX1KO5T

American ‘Moderate Muslims’ want respect? Check out these guidelines!

American ‘moderate’ Muslims, if there is such a thing, are being put under the umbrella of protection by the Obama Administration because of terrorist acts against Americans in the name of Islam.

Islam is a religion promoting world dominance, and all good Muslims must support the goals of the religion. There are fewer Muslims that have turned in Muslim Terrorists than there are terrorists that have declared WAR on the USA.

If you are a non-Muslim, no matter where you live, you should be concerned.

These “moderate” Muslims want to be treated with respect and do not wish to be lumped in with the extremists. Is it too much to ask to prove your loyalties to our country by following these steps below? How can anyone argue against them?

1. Police your own mosques which happen to be the center for hate speech and incitement. Install surveillance and listening devices. If there is any hate spoken report it immediately. Your Imans must make it clear to all worshippers that hate will not be tolerated. Zero tolerance. If there is not only will the perpetrator be reported but the mosque will be shut down.

2. Join up with the American armed forces. Learn about the Japanese Americans who in WWII were unjustly treated after Pearl Harbor. They had nothing to do with it but they rose up and joined the military and fought for this country. You must do the same. Freedom has a price. Not enough of you have paid it.

3. Any terrorism in the US requires more than just an “I am so sorry”. It requires a high calling for justice against the terrorists. Did you call for immediate justice against the Ft Hood shooter? Did you call for immediate justice against the Boston Marathon bombers?

4. Start embracing American customs. Get rid of the head covering except when you go to the mosque. Speak English. If America is too immoral for you don’t kill us just get the hell out of here.

5. Start a million person march against terrorism, murder and mayhem created by Muslims. Denounce the violence in the Koran.

6. Get more involved in the communities doing things which are positive.  When there are tragedies in the community I see churches rise up and I see people donate money and clothes and building materials. If there are a few that do help, what’s really sad is it’s very quiet when it should be shared publicly. Sadly, I have yet to see many  Muslim organizations do anything.

7. When a Muslim commits terrorism which takes innocent lives, your mosques and your organizations should take up offerings which help to defray the costs for the victims and their families.

8. Buy airtime on media which denounces violence as contrary to the Koran. Send out mailers into your communities distancing yourself from violence. Put up billboards all over the country with the words “You Ain’t No Muslim” making it very clear it is being sponsored by Muslims against violence and the wrong interpretation of the Koran.

It is not up to Americans to embrace you. It is up to you to PROVE your loyalties. Let’s not only hear it but start doing it. If you want the blessings of living in America then be a blessing.

Share you thoughts and comments below in and let me know what you think of this common sense approach.


About Wayne Dupree

My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.

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