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An Irishman’s Plea to ALL the Candidates Running in 2016

The race for the White House has officially started. The start of election season is like Spring Training in baseball – everyone is excited, hopeful, optimistic and everyone thinks they can win. This election could be historic for many reasons, but one thing I doubt anyone could argue against is the field is very wide and very open.

Some on the left want Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and some are even thinking Al Gore might make a comeback. The field on the right is filled with many candidates like Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz who officially announced he is running on Monday which is sure to spark much excitement and sadly hate.

Regardless of your thoughts on each of them, I am looking forward to the debate because America and the World face many deadly problems today and they need to be addressed. It is not the job the of a non-citizen like me to promote one candidate over another as I believe my job and duty is to cheer-lead on the side for the principles your nation was founded on. However I do have several plea’s for all the candidates who are running or considering a run in 2016.

Firstly I hope America elects a candidate who will say the following with REAL passion and conviction and at every opportunity (both home and abroad) – “America is the greatest country in the world” and then let everyone know their own personal reason why.

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