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An Open Letter to Baltimore Rioters

To the rioters, protesters, and gangs preparing to take on the cops,

Any and all who are “making themselves heard” with rioting, looting, property destruction, and violence. Specifically the ones setting their sights on the police. I implore you to step back for one minute and consider the precipice on which you now find yourself. How close to the edge you’re bringing all of us. Continuing on this course is suicidally insane.

Just where do you think this road ends? Justice? Equality? Really. After all the resentment and pain you will leave in your wake. When emotions are so high and anger so raw taking to the streets can be so tempting, and the voice of reason so easy to ignore. But I urge you to see. You’re being played. Your rage has been intentionally fostered and you’re reacting the way they want.

How big of a conflict would it take to change the police? Do you really want to declare war on them? What do you hope to accomplish? They have decades of training for civil unrest, and the last decade it’s become downright frightening. Billions of rounds of ammunition have been purchased by a plethora of federal agencies. Virtually ever-present surveillance is watching everything.

How will you fight? With rocks, Molotov cocktails, and drive-bys? Even small towns have SWAT teams now. The police have armored personnel carriers, automatic weapons, and helicopters. More and more they’re getting drones. Consider how many veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq now work for police departments. How many collective years of combatting radical extremists far more cutthroat and bloodthirsty than you, contending with IED’s and urban warfare. Even without them, the experience, the lessons, and the tactics used there have been adopted.

Is it you that intends to turn American cities into warzones? Would you believe it wasn’t your idea? You are foot soldiers, but not for the army you think. The ones that want total, unchallengeable power are the source of your revolution. And when your mission is complete you will be the first ones to be disposed of. There will be no cries for justice then.

This is a setup. They’ve already prepared for this war. They planned to win it before it officially begins. They didn’t foresee it, they’re the source of it. The injustices you’ve suffered were done to condition you for this moment. Look honestly and thoroughly into the people calling the shots on the ground. There are strings being pulled all around you. The organic nature of your movement is an illusion. For years now you’ve been fed a steady diet of poison that has devastated your communities. Even worse, you’ve been taught to demand more as an antidote.

About John Sutton

Married father of three. 5 C's. Particularly concerned with matters pertaining to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments.

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