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An Open Letter to St. Louis Media

The recent events in St. Louis, and your conduct surrounding those events have prompted response from citizens. Ordinary average St. Louisans who have had their lives disrupted and turned upside down, in your quest for the all mighty rating. I am one of those citizens.

KSDKI understand that this was a story that needed to be covered in-depth. It was and still is a very fluid, rapidly changing story. It is also a story with many angles and sides. But maybe, in your zeal to always be first on the scene, you failed to recognize that. I understand that a young man was shot and killed. I pray for his family. But what you have failed to touch on time and time again is the fact that a police officer, someone who goes to work every day, puts his life on the line, and is thankful that he is going home at the end of his shift, has lost his life as well. He has lost his life because he must go into hiding for fear of that life and the lives of his family. He will never be a police officer again. That life, that career is over. In part, you have seen to that by only reporting one side of the story. You have all but declared his guilt, and made sure that it is next to impossible for this man to receive a fair trial should it come to that. You even showed pictures of his house, complete with address, on television, for all of the world to see. Unless this is a very disturbed individual, he is no doubt extremely distraught over the fact that he was forced to make a split decision that ended a life. But I know those kind of details don’t make for sensational stories.

I have learned however, what does make a good story. Night after night of looting and rioting in the streets of a normally peaceful community. When it became clear that your very presence was part of the problem, why could you not just pack up and leave? Was it some sort of weird competition with the national media? Was it just in hopes of keeping the story going as long as possible? Then there was the non-stop coverage of police in riot gear having Molotov cocktails hurled at them, which usually started after dark. You knew just when to show up to get everyone riled up. Is it possible that normal everyday people with jobs who had to get up early the next morning to go to those jobs might have lost some sleep and gained a whole lot of stress, just so you could get some great video?

Your constant presence and slanted reporting did nothing but make a bad situation worse. You kept people angry and kept them from talking and finding real solutions to real problems. But people getting along is not newsworthy. Just ask Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

By all means, report on any new information regarding this case. The public has the right to know. Please remember that there is more than just one family involved, and know when you are no longer needed and go home.

About Becky Noble

My name is Becky Noble. I am married to Randy. No kids, just a 50lb Border Collie mix who thinks my house is hers! After almost thirty years in the healthcare field, it is time to move on, and do something different. I hope to have a career in politics. Don't know whether that will continue to be writing and hosting "Conservative Cauldron Radio" on WAARadio on Fridays, or perhaps one day running for office. I am excited to pursue a new path!

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