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Angelsoft undermines fathers with Single moms Father’s Day Video! Twitter disapproves!

On Father’s Day, Angel Soft is running a commercial depicting adult children lauding their single mothers for raising them, wishing them happy Father’s Day, and thanking them for being a good father. So, mothers are the new fathers too?

“I am so glad you could be my father, mom”

We don’t hear the backstories (except for the first one) as to why they had no father in their life. More than likely they had single mothers because the mothers fought hard to keep the dad out of their lives. Imagine fathers trying to hijack mothers day like this.

This is an insult to all fathers everywhere, stealing the one day devoted to revering fathers, and giving it to mothers.


After checking out this video, I wanted to gauge social media and what best way to get immediate reaction that twitter. Check out some of these passionate responses:

Here are a few more. People just don’t understand especially in this day and time who salute fathers on father’s day like they do moms on Mother’s day?

What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comment section below.

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