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Angry Rahm Emanuel’s holiday vacation to communist Cuba EXPOSED by Politico – MUST WATCH!

I would have loved to see the room panned to check out the faces of the audience.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was interviewed by Politico’s Mike Allen, who casually brought up the communist trip to Cuba and as you will see, he was pretty angry at the delivery.

“Well, first of all, thanks for telling everybody what I’m going to do with my family,” Emanuel responded. “You just had a private conversation with me, and now you decide to make that public. I really don’t appreciate that.

“I’m expressing to you now publicly my displeasure. My family’s trips are my family,” he added.

Check out this report:

This was delicious! Obama’s buddy didn’t clarify the conversation was confidential gets angry when it’s talked about publicly. How many of you think he was embarrassed Americans know he’s vacationing in Cuba? Share your comments below!

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