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Bad Web Site

Another BOHICA Moment From Obama and Friends

So in case you were looking forward to hearing good news about the signups for the Obama/Democratic Party wet dream Government Controlled Healthcare System…You know the “Single” payer that Obama himself wants. Well it is not coming this week. Reports coming from sources are that only approximately 50,000 Americans have signed up for healthcare via the Federal or State exchanges. So to get to the magical 7 million needed to fund this much lied about program will take somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 years at the current sign-up rate.

Now waiting 7 years to save up for a dream vacation is one thing, but to wait 7 years for this National and Generational nightmare to be able to start walking on its own is too much.

In the mean time 5 million people have LOST their current healthcare policies.

Now let that sink in for a moment. Those 5 million policies are GONE.

These people are now, because of Obama and the Democrats, without healthcare insurance and have to live in limbo while the eggheads in the Obama Administration and Democratic controlled Senate try to figure out what went so wrong.

Well its quite simple. some crazy “B” movie star stated the obvious a few years back when he said… “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”.

So when Obama and the Democrats started this entire debacle they wanted to provide healthcare insurance to 30 million Americans. A questionable number to begin with but, at the rate the Obama Administration is going now in 6 months there will be 30 million newly minted Americans without healthcare insurance and growing.

Keep in mind….It is NOT about a bad web site.

Its about a BAD LAW….Period. And that my friends is the truth.

Bad law Period

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