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Another Chapter in the War On Women

Gypsy villages in eastern EuropeWhen the Left rambles on about the so-called “war on women”, to them it means that women will be forced to pay for their own birth control, but not the fact that women are paid less for working in the White House than men. They are rather selective, and they certainly do not want to talk about how women are treated in places like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

They probably would not want to talk about a little known racket going on in Europe either. This is the growing problem of poor women, mostly from Eastern European countries being trafficked to Great Britain to marry Middle Eastern men, mainly Pakistanis, in order for the men to move more freely around Europe on the woman’s European Identity card.

The “sham marriage” business is a lucrative one, and often one that leads to abuse of women who are lured by promises of jobs, quick money, and sometimes love, and a ticket out of their desperately impoverished homelands. The men pay a broker, usually someone with ties to organized crime, in many cases upwards of $20,000 to bring a woman from Latvia, Slovakia, or another country where Gypsies are one of the poorest minorities in Europe. Many residents of Gypsy villages live in tin-roof huts with no plumbing. Water from nearby wells is often contaminated.

Women who are pregnant tend to fetch a higher price. But once the men have access to the woman’s identity card, they are often left in a foreign country such as Britain with little or no money, and do not know the language. In many instances the women are abused, either physically or sexually by the men who bring them to Britain, or by the men who say they are family members.

In Latvia for example, the problem is growing so large that the government is leading a European commission-funded international program to fight it. But to see what kind of uphill battle the governments of these nations are fighting, all one needs to do is to go to a place like the settlement of Roma in eastern Slovakia, where the poverty is crushing. Many of the women who do manage to escape say that as bad as their experience was in Britain, it was still better than being back in their home country.

Could, or even should the United States become involved in attempting to stop this form of human trafficking? It is yet another chapter of the real war on women that the Left is just not interested in reading.

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