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Anthony Hervey, black man who championed confederate flag for years killed after flag rally!

A black man, Anthony Hervey, considered an Oxford, MS, fixture for at least two decades died in a car accident following a flag rally Sunday, after allegedly being forced off the road, officials said.

Arlene Barnham, a passenger and a locally-known Confederate flag supporter, gave an account of her activities over the weekend with videos and posts of speaking at a Confederate Flag Rally called the “Monumental Dixie” rally.
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On Sunday, July 19, passenger Barnham posted to her Facebook saying she and Hervey were being chased and were ran off the road leading to a roll-over of the vehicle the pair were traveling in.

She said they were both supporters of the same cause and she was letting him drive her truck as they neared his hometown of Oxford so that he may navigate the area that was familiar to him. Barnham had burned her NAACP membership card today at that rally.
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Hervey had just finished speaking at a rally for the confederate flag, check out the video:

The Mississippi Highway Patrol and spoke with a dispatcher, who only identified as Lisa, confirmed the roll-over accident was near Oxford. However, she said she cannot give any further information because the accident, and the details surrounding it, are under investigation.

Hervey, 49, died of his injuries.

H/T – Barnham FB, Washington Times

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