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Anti Gun Crusader Releases Video Telling Kids to Take Their Parents’ Guns to School

There’s a new “Guns R’ Bad” video making the internet rounds, and it’s a doozy. The protagonist, being a good kid and all, doesn’t murder anyone and wants to do the right thing by his conscience feelings. He accomplishes this by doing exactly what Adam Lanza did on that horrible day except for killing. Over the course of the video he performs his best portrayal of Goofus as if he’s mentally checking off a list of things he can do to go about his action in the worst way possible.

It begins with him looking in on his mother, in what we assume is a move to make sure she’s adequately preoccupied and also a certain amount of angst for the difficult decision he’s making. Please, oh please don’t let there also be any awkward, confused teenage boy feelings in that look. That would just be weird.

He then makes his way to his mother’s room and opens a drawer in her dresser. He doesn’t need to rifle, no pun intended, through it because he knows exactly where to find what he’s looking for. Thankfully, it does not appear to be her underwear drawer. We were spared an uncomfortable moment where he contemplates that one black two-piece tucked in the back that she reserves for Friday nights.

Underneath a few layers of clothes he pulls out her gun. The house in the video does appear to be in nice shape. True, looks can be deceiving but it’s a fairly safe bet that this is not a crackhouse or gang lair and that she purchased or otherwise came into possession of her firearm through perfectly legal means. The boy pulls the gun out with his finger on the trigger, to be fair a second later in his room he’s demonstrating proper trigger discipline, takes the gun to his room and puts it in his backpack. He then lays down either to think on the weight of what he just did or to daydream about one of the girls in his class. We hope.

At no time is there any indication of whether or not the gun is loaded which reasonable people, unlike the makers of this video, know to always assume until personally verified otherwise. From what you do see of the gun the magazine is installed which inclines on to believe that it is, indeed, loaded.

The next day in class he waits until every other kid has left and goes to his teacher’s desk. She looks up with an expectant smile ready to provide additional help for any questions he might have had about the day’s lesson. Her smile is replaced with momentary shock and panic as he pulls the gun from his backpack. But it’s ok, he just places it on her desk and pleads with her to take it away because he doesn’t feel safe in his own home knowing it’s there.

To summarize. A tween/early teen sneaks onto his mother’s room, steals her gun, and takes it to school. Bust out the abacus, let’s tally up the felonies.

The hubris that drips from this video is the same that is present in all leftist crap-manship. As Limbaugh repeatedly observes, it’s never fair to judge the left by the results of their policies because they have good intentions and you need to respect them for that. It’s a modern “art”, politely expressed hit-piece that plays out like a three minute Rorschach test into the minds of the creators, betraying the fact that emotions and feelings decide their conclusions.

They somehow managed to make three minutes drag, as the whole thing was twice as long as it needed to be in order to put in long face shots of deep thought and trepidation all underscored by melodramatic piano music. It concludes with the edgy and controversial message, “Our children deserve a safe world.” Sure, although I’m not sure why it’s just our children who deserve it and not like, you know, everyone. Plus, real adults understand that deserved and reality do not exactly sync up. Again, feelings and intentions. What does that even mean? How deep are its implications? There are things in this world far more dangerous to children than guns.

Watch it for yourself:

There should be a sequel to this video where the implied deadbeat biological father that’s not in the picture storms into the house drunk and high on PCP while he’s at school pulling a firearm on his teacher. Frightened, his poor mother runs to her room to get her gun and protect herself only to find, to her abject horror, that it isn’t there. The screen fades to black as she’s cornered and helpless in her bedroom. We then fade back in as the boy is arriving at the home of the foster family where he will spend his remaining underage years and left with the knowledge for the rest of his life that his mother is dead because he didn’t “feel safe”.

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