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Anti-Rape Supporter – “We have to believe every rape victim”

There’s nothing that feminists hate more than logic and reasoning. Unfortunately for them, that’s exactly what they get confronted with in these videos.

In these videos, The Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern travelled to a “Slutwalk” in Edmonton, Canada to expose the incompetence of feminists. According to Infowars, the results were even better than Southern expected!

Scroll down for the full video of Southern’s segment. In the videos below, you’ll see these feminists exposed as the fools that they are!

  1. Feminists say she doesn’t need to give facts because she doesn’t have any.
  2. Feminist demands rape allegations be believed, even if there’s no evidence.

Check out Lauren’s full video:

What did you think of this report? If you didn’t see it for yourselves you might not have believed it right?

h/t – Infowars

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