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Anti-Semitism reaches breaking point in France

A Facebook page identified 32 innocent Jewish people for the sole purpose of finding and attacking them, as one of the many recent manifestations of anti-Semitism in France. According to a French news source, lemondejuif, (as translated), “many Facebook pages have been created to appeal to physical violence against young Jews.”

As reported by the incomparable J.E. Dyer ar Liberty Unyielding, one of the Jewish men highlighted on the Facebook page “Jeunes Révolutionnaires Français” was “assaulted at his home on Thursday evening in Bobigny, a suburb of Paris.” France has become increasingly anti-Semitic as the Muslim population has increased. France now has the largest Muslim population in Europe.

The man was attacked by 15 anti-Semitic thugs, who cornered him and attacked him as he was making his way home. A representative from the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF ) said that the men asked him if he was “the guy in the photo” from Facebook, where he was previously threatened. They also said to him, “we are here to break the Jew and we will do the same to you as Ilan Halimi.”

Ilan Halimi was a Jew who was tortured by dozens of anti-Semitic men for 24 days in 2006. He died from his injuries. The New York Sun reported that a witness recalled that “verses from the Koran were recited while Halimi was tortured.” According to the article, Halimi was finally found “not far from a railway line at Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois.”

Halimi “was naked, handcuffed, and bleeding profusely. He was incapable of speaking. His entire body – or “80% of it,” according to police – had been butchered. He died of his wounds on the way to the hospital, just a few minutes after he was discovered.

While the JRF Facebook page was removed, a cached version is still available. A post lists names and announces (translated) “A large file on the JDL [Jewish Defense League] arrives with photos, names and names! What the file permanently!” One commenter warns, “Caution some Jews are against the war. Do not put everyone in the same bag.”


It appears that at least one of the followers of the page admire Hitler, as a photo of him wearing a Palestine tee shirt is displayed on his profile page.

This past weekend, socialist France made the unprecedented move of banning anti-Israel protests in the wake of ongoing sickening violence against the innocent Jewish population. But the threats of a 30,000 euro fine and a year in jail did little to dissuade the protesters, who defied the ban. They condemned Israel while burning cars, engaging in widespread vandalism and wounding fifteen riot police.

Perhaps the protesters faces should be posted on Facebook by the police?

As reported at the Economist,

On Sunday afternoon the violence spilled over into Sarcelles, a suburb with a large Sephardic Jewish population. A Molotov cocktail was launched at the main synagogue and a kosher shop was burnt down. Shop windows were smashed; several stores were looted; flames flared fitfully…

Not surprisingly, the protests were organized by the radical left “New Anticapitalist Party,” as reported at Haaretz.

More “protests” are scheduled for this weekend.

The French “protesters” became terrorists themselves. And based on some of their tweets, they were proud, oblivious to the irony of condemning violence with violence.

As Janna Brock asked at, “How does one know when a uncrossable line has been obliterated and there is no going back?”

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