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Anti-Trump fans are wrong when they say we worship Trump, look in the mirror

When I was going up in the small town of Cambridge Maryland, all I knew was church. I was reared and raised in the church atmosphere. My father as a pastor, And my mom was Sunday school superintendent. For a while, I was even the Sunday, school secretary. I sang in the choir; I played on the drums. My mom even had a gospel radio broadcasts every Sunday night.


I didn’t know anything other than home church and school. I read the Bible so many times; I’ve seen so many Bible movies, went to Bible camps and all that. I even went out and to the community and witnessed with the youth department. Make no mistake about it I know who God is and I love him for keeping me on the right path for my life.

It’s not for everybody, but it’s just right for me.

Now we have come to politics. I never saw this in my path so if I get a few things wrong, please don’t hold it against me. For over 40 years I voted blindly with the Democratic Party. It was something that I did because it’s all I knew and when I say that I don’t remember any Republican outreach to my community asking for my vote or reaching out to me in the way of a caring approach.

I was led to believe the Republicans were the racist party, and not one of them was trying to defuse that lie. In 2007, I switched to the Republican Party after my eyes were open about many things in the political world and I embraced the push for conservatism as it remained new to me but a viable option to the government dependencies social programs.

Where I am today in the year 2016 is not where I was in 2007. I have watched many people throw up the word conservatism or being conservative but when you watch their lives and what they do behind-the-scenes that’s not what it is. Now I’m not using this article to call anybody out which I don’t mind, but I’m trying to make a point that just using the word as a feel-good shield or rallying cry while not living that particular life in the public eye is hypocrisy.


When Donald Trump started his campaign last year he didn’t come out from day one and say I’m running as a conservative he said I was running as a Republican. Many people again who label themselves conservatives didn’t pay attention to it, and he would go away.

Day day after day, week after week, month after month, members of social media whether it was on Twitter or Facebook went after Trump with a personal vengeance. They decided that he wasn’t as conservative as they are, that he was not a Christian, and they labeled him to destroy him publicly, now remember these are Christian conservatives I am talking about.

Donald Trump has lived his life in the public guy for over 40 years so most of who he is, everybody already knows about. They know about his marriages, they know about his divorces, they know about his failures, and they know about his successes. So there’s nothing new under the sun about Trump that most people don’t know about and that most people care, but that is not worship.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 10.31.49 AM

Many Americans right now are tired of the political establishment or anyone that is attached to it, and that includes people in the liberal media and the conservative side of media. People on the ground, people in the wings are tired of watching so-called experts tell you what can’t happen or what won’t happen as they’re doing it for their benefit.

Trump’s supporters do not worship him, but they are getting tired of watching a candidate that they support being attacked on all fronts, so they stand up for him. Mostly all of the top-tier political candidates on the Republican side were defended to the hill by their supporters.

I would say most if not all of the Trump supporters will defend this billionaire who has reached millions by rejecting the political and media establishment during his campaign. If you are an anti-trump person, and you’re reading this let me ask you these questions.

You really didn’t think that you were just going to throw stones at Donald Trump and his supporters not respond did you?

Did you actually think that you can say anything about the candidate and his supporters would not defend him? Would you let somebody do that to your candidate?

So why call it worship? Most of you looked the other way on your candidate flaws and miscues. Hell, most of you blamed others for pointing out these issues.


You don’t spend time with any Trump supporter to know if they get down on their knees and pray to him now do you? But it’s so easy for you to bear false witness to make yourself feel great or to get extra retweets or Facebook shares.

Trump is a man, and there is no God worship going on. I can understand how some feel who dislikes the GOP nominee because he won and your candidate lost. Most of you probably won’t vote for him in November, and I will never even beg you to.

Conservatives didn’t vote in 2008 and 2012, so if they don’t vote 2016, I just consider it a habit. Christians do support Donald Trump, and you can get mad all you want, and here’s another tidbit, you don’t have to like anyone of them, but don’t expect these Americans who care about this country to allow you to lie on them and misrepresent them for defending their guy.


We worship God, but we support our candidate for president as many have done before us and will do after us.

Most of you say Trump is hateful but with all this rhetoric you are pushing out publicly, maybe you should look in the mirror.

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