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Antonio Sabato Jr endorses! At end of the day, Trump’s honest, I cannot trust Cruz

You have to watch this interview with Actor Antonio Sabato Jr.; there’s more there than meets the eye. Sabato Jr gave a very sincere explanation of why he was supporting the GOP front-runner Donald Trump over Sen. Ted Cruz .

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Many Americans across this country have voted, and they have chosen Donald Trump over the entire GOP field. Sabato Jr reminds the Outnumbered audience Hollywood is changing along with the nation and issues are different now than they were let’s say eight years ago. Sabato Jr also made a very strong statement that Cruz wouldn’t be in the race if Trump weren’t running.

Antonio Sabato, Jr: I think Cruz wouldn’t be in the fight if it wasn’t for Trump at this point. If Trump wasn’t in the race at all I don’t think you’d see Cruz. I think maybe a Rubio at this point. I think Trump will win New York and he will win California. Then we’ll see in June what happens after that. It’s tough for Trump. His party doesn’t want him. The Democrats don’t want him. But the people want him. At the end of the day the people will vote. I will vote for Trump. I’m behind him 100%… At the end of the day he’s honest. And I cannot trust Cruz. There’s something about him.

Watch this great interview:

After listening to Sabato Jr, could you tell he was sincere in his feelings about winning this election while supporting Trump? If you were on the fence of pulling the lever for Trump, did this help you? Share your comments (below) and let us know what you are thinking.


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