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Are Hired Guns of the IRS a Violation of Tax Law? This Well Known Senator Said yes!

IRS Hired GunSenator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has sent the IRS Czar, John Koshkinen a letter inquiring into the IRS Czar’s use of IRS hired guns to target a corporation.  It seems the IRS just can’t seem to find enough goons among the 40,000 operatives now currently employed to shake down conservatives, tea party groups and Christians.

The going rate for goon work? $2.2 million, paying lawyers $1000 an hour.  That’s almost as high a rate as Paris Hilton made for getting sprayed with cheeseburgers (that was her, right?).  Nice work if you can sleep at night.

Hatch actually had the temerity to accuse the IRS Czar of…gasp…breaking the law.  I know, the IRS doesn’t break the law, it MAKES the law, which is totally cool by the way (that was thrown in for the NSA dude looking over my shoulder right now).

In the letter, Hatch writes,

Despite……prohibitions….in May of last year the IRS hired (Quinn Emanuel) to assist in the income tax audit and investigation of a corporate taxpayer…This contract marks the first time, to the Committee’s knowledge, that the agency has hired a private contractor to take such an involved role in an examination.

The law firm bills itself as the world’s largest business litigation firm, famed for its ‘quirkiness.’  The lawyers wear sandals.  That’s a nice image, isn’t it? I like to think that the IRS hired gun hounding my business is ‘chill.’  I want my IRS hitmen to be happy.

Sandal wearing lawyer
Sandal Wearing Lawyer?

To be fair, the target here is Microsoft, but, as the saying goes, “First they came for Microsoft, then they came for……me.”

Also, to be fair, the IRS already changed the rule, so it’s cool.  Remember, the IRS doesn’t ENFORCE the Law, it MAKES the law.

You see, this is just a test.  If they can get away with using these sandal-wearing lawyers today, they will be able to hire more goons to target you tomorrow.  I just hope these IRS hired guns keep wearing sandals.

What would you like to tell the IRS Czar about his hired guns?  Be sure to comment below, and share and tweet if you don’t support the IRS Czar.

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