Arguing with Leftists on Twitter is a Lesson in Alinsky Tactics

In today’s world, what is truth is often vilified and denigrated by those on the left. It’s what they do and actually what they live for because it helps them feel some measure of self worth. It really doesn’t matter what the subject is either. If it is a subject worthy of discussing, you can bet the left has an opinion on it and they will pull out all the stops to ensure that they are heard over you. They will also do whatever it takes to twist your opinion into something that it is not. The idea is to shut down the discussion and they really don’t care how they do it. The goal is to simply do it.

I spent several hours on Twitter earlier dealing with an issue that came up because a friend posted a link to my timeline about a video dealing with a pastor friend he knew who preached on the Palestinian state. A woman going by the handle OccPal-Gaza Version (Occ) posted a comment and I responded to it. She essentially said that the man’s opinion on the video was his and “we” were here to stay.

What I found interesting are several things that I will bring out in this article. The first is that to engage these individuals (as I did) will quickly mean that they will invite others into the conversation in an attempt to overwhelm you.

Occ wasted no time labeling me as a “hater” and “bigot” and even rewording my tweets in her retweets. She also then began to accuse me of saying things I did not say or mean. Eventually – because of the tweets she sent out and retweeted (but added her own comments), others came into help her. Eventually, what started out as a conversation between three of us quickly escalated to include eight of her friends.

The second thing that happened after her friends joined the conversation was more labeling and more deliberate misrepresentation of what I was saying. My words were again reworded or “summarized” and then retweeted out. This brought still others into the conversation all accusing me of “hating” and “bigotry.” The other thing that continued throughout was denigrating me as a Christian. I was repeatedly told I was not loving. I was a false Christian. I was even called a**hole, idiot, moron, and more.

For instance, Occ sent out at least one “retweet” in which my words were adjusted to say that I approved of “ethnic cleansing” of Arabs. I never used that term and not only said no such thing, but nothing I said even came close to that misrepresentation. Of course, others saw the “retweet” and then also came in for the attack. It was almost comical at one point to see how gullible people are, but at the same time, this type of tactic works well with the average person when they don’t have all the facts. It works extremely well with low-info people because they even have less facts and less critical thinking skills to work with.

We all know that when things spiral down to that point, it’s usually because the leftists don’t have anything intelligent to say. That can happen fairly quickly. Instead of simply leaving though, they further their attacks to stifle actual discourse. This is Alinsky’s Rule #5 – Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It tends to work on most people, but I usually give it back in the same manner (without the swearing). The way the bunch of them kept the attack up made me realize they were simply using Alinsky Rule #8 – Keep the pressure on. Never let up.

Because of the constant wave of attacks and the way the attacks were formulated, it was also clear that they were using Alinsky Rule #12 – Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. They were apparently hoping that I would simply succumb to their attack and give up. Instead I muscled my way through, eventually coming to the point of denigrating them with tweets of my own. Some might consider this a waste of time, but I was not about to shrink away with my tail between my legs. I held my own well, all considered.

Throughout the duration, the primary individual – OccPal-Gaz Version (Occ) kept hammering away, but was also very coy about who she was and which religion she was involved in. She talked about Palestinian Christians and Arabs as well, but never mentioned Muslims or Islam. At one point she slipped. She was being sarcastic and stated that she was just wasting time while she waited for the call to morning prayer. She had previously said it was roughly 3:30 in the morning there and I knew she was in the Gaza Strip or near there.

When she made that statement about waiting for the morning call to prayer, I simply tweeted back the following:

Occ1Before I could copy her tweet about waiting for call to morning prayer, she deleted it, along with several others. But fortunately, she was known to some of my friends and they told me how to find her tweets. She uses the Arabic phrase “Insha-Allah,” which means “God willing” or “If Allah wills.” Obviously, this Arabic phrase is used by Muslims, but as I said, she was very careful not to let me know that she was/is indeed Muslim. Of course, her tweet about waiting to hear the call to morning prayer had already convinced me, but the use of Insha-Allah and her conversations on Twitter with others was icing on the cake.

Throughout the conversation, I kept asking this question:

Not one person involved in the conversation ever answered that question. They were having way too much fun ridiculing, denigrating, harassing, and having an all around great time changing my words to make me even more vulnerable to attack.

These types of people are absolutely ruthless. They don’t care if they lie, steal, mischaracterize or anything else because their goal/agenda is the most important thing in the world to them. That’s all they have in reality.

What I found most interesting in all this though was that OccPal-Gaza Version has her own page that is very anti-Semitic. She says all she does is report the news, but there is a definite slant against Israel every step of the way.

I’ll leave you with this one situation. Occ tweeted several days ago about whether or not Jesus spoke Hebrew.

Her haughty response is interesting. The truth though is that there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to confirm that Jesus did in fact speak and read Hebrew.[1] This is almost a no-brainer but Muslims are constantly trying to push their views to the top. Notice also how she relies on the Pope to have taken Netanyahu to task. He shouldn’t have because Bibi was correct.

Next time, we’ll deal with aspects of her page where Israel is made to appear as the true terrorist state in the Middle East and the so-called Arab “Palestinians” are always the victims. Please join me then.



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