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Armed citizen takes down Hispanic male who was beating girlfriend with hammer [VIDEO]

Police responding to a 911 call about a man assaulting a woman with a hammer found an unexpected scene when they arrived. Glendale, Arizona police arrived on scene to find 26-year-old Andre Cannon on the ground, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

According to police, Cannon and his 23-year-old girlfriend were having an argument while walking down the street. As they walked by a construction vehicle, Cannon grabbed a hammer and began chasing the woman through the streets.

Neighbors called 911 and reported the encounter, telling officers he caught up to the woman and was hitting her. That’s when an armed citizen intervened, firing a single shot into Cannon.

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Paramedics transported Cannon to a nearby trauma center, where he died. After saving the woman, the armed citizen fled the scene. Police describe him only as a Hispanic male.

What would you have done in this particular incident? Let us know below in the comment section.

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