Arrogant Piers Morgan disrespects guest calling him “Unbelieveable Stupid” on Gun Support – VIDEO

If Piers Morgan is so afraid of gun owners why is he calling them idiots. Probably because he lives in a secure building and works in a building guarded by armed guards. Or he isnt afraid of them at all and is just full of crap. He knows that law abiding gun owners wont hurt him. He is perfectly content with making millions of legal gun owners criminals just because they have a gun. He would be content with their homes being raided and their property being stolen by govt officials. He would be OK if some of those gun owners during those raids were shot and killed defending their god given, not govt given, rights to protect themselves. BTW he sure is practicing his first amendment right by calling people idiots on national television.


Wonder what Piers response would be if we took the guns away from all the people guarding him directly and indirectly for a week or two, maybe a month. Bet he would be singing a different tune if his bodyguards had to give up their guns, the security guards in all the buildings he lives and works in had to give up their guns, and the police in the neighborhoods he frequents had to give up their guns (like the Bobbys (sp) in England).


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