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As it should be! Ohio State admin threatens to expel student protesters

Protesting for rights is the American way but stopping those who have a job and need to work is… Click to Tweet
Students at Ohio State University thought they could get one over on one of the major universities in the nation with a list of demands followed by a threat of sitting in to disrupt the natural flow of the college.

Jay Kasey, University Vice President, confronted the occupiers as you will witness in the video (below) asking them leave by a particular time or choose arrested and expelled. The student protesters then tried to talk their way out of the choices they were given trying to use the old Jedi mind trick, but this VP didn’t have it.


“#NoEndsNOW” and “#ReclaimOSU” were among the social-media tags used by those supporting The Real Food Challenge, United Students Against Sweatshops, Committee for Justice in Palestine, OSU Coalition for Black Lives and others. A group called the Afrikan Black Coalition declared on its blog that university officials were “starving” protesters because they would not allow them to have food brought in the building.

Instead of them leaving to get a bite at McDonalds or Burger King, they wanted to blame the university staff for “starving” them? This is ridiculous!

Watch the video exchange below:

Honestly, I can’t even imagine my daughters doing anything like this. Raise your children up to respect those who have authority over them. Protesting for rights is the American way but stopping those who have a job and need to work is another. I support this university VP 100%. How about you?

Share your opinions below and let us know what you thought of this exchange. 

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