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Assisted living program kicks out 70-year old man for what he had under his bed

Once you move out of your college dorm room, most people expect to be free from being told what to do for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, depending on how old you live to be, that might not be the whole truth. That was the case for an elderly man who lost his housing subsidy for an assisted-living facility after a prostitute was found underneath his bed.


The 70-year old man was one of the more physically able residents of the suburban Philadelphia facility and its’ believed he used his working legs to go on booze runs for his fellow residents. All he asked for in exchange was money, which he used to pay for several prostitutes.

In clear violation of the county’s policy, the man was stripped of his subsidy. While it’s unclear where he will go next, our money is on the nearest brothel.

BTW, the county paid more than $1 million to subsidize assisted living care for 21 seniors last year.

Do you think what the assisted living facility did was fair? Let us know in the comments below.


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