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Attacked by LGBT Community: Sweet Cakes Baker Tearfully Describes What Business Meant to Her during Summit

During an appearance at the Christian Conservative Values Voters Summit, held in Washington DC, Sweet Cakes Bakery Owner, Melissa Klein, teared up during overwhelming support and standing ovation after giving a brief unscripted description about her business. Sweet Cakes Bakery is a Christian-owned Oregon bakery, refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple in January 2013

Melissa tearfully recalled how she used to consult with brides for up to two hours, ask them questions about their wedding and design a personalized wedding cake, noted Talking Points Memo (video below).

“For me personally when I would sit down with them I just would want to know everything about her wedding,” Klein recalled. “I’d want to know about the flowers, her dress, the centerpieces, her colors, the way her hair is going to be. I would even want to talk about, ‘Where are you going on your honeymoon?'”

Aaron claimed that he and his wife were harassed by pro-gay activists because they refused to bake the cake. The activists claimed at the time that they were instigating a boycott.

“I mean quite frankly, they didn’t just harass us, they harassed the other wedding vendors that we did business with. It cut off our referral system,” claimed Aaron. “We had to shut the shop down. Melissa does very limited cakes out of our house. I mean we’re facing in excess of $150,000 of damages for this, just for simply standing by my first amendment rights.”

The case is still continuing and will be heard by Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.

“To be told they’re going to force me to convey a message other than what I want to convey, it flies in the face of the Constitution,” stated Aaron, reports Oregon Live.

However, the couple who are getting married usually control the message on wedding cakes and at the wedding itself.

“It’s a violation of my conscience,” added Aaron. “It’s a violation of my religious freedom. It’s horrible to see your own government doing this to you.”

“It’s never been about sexual orientation,” claimed Aaron. “It’s about marriage and the event.”

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