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Attention-Seeking Conservative Radio Host Wants Trump To Show Him His ‘Alpha Male’

Attention-seeker ‘Christian” conservative radio host Steve Duece wants to take on Donald Trump, and he’s serious. NOTE: By the way, I purposely mean to misspell this creep’s name throughout this piece.

This “Christian conservative,” that’s what he calls himself, yelled names, berated and lied on the presumptive GOP nominee and then called out Trump for doing what he had just done. Duece has been trying bait Trump into a back and forth but he’s a nobody. Deace has been trying to gain the limelight on liberal stations, and as you can see, he’s atrocious at what he does.

Deuce is a bully of the highest rank. Liberal news organizations such as CNN and MSNBC will have Deuce on because they don’t care about the Republican Party so they will pull the most outrageous, ignorant fool to talk to and then make jokes about him/her behind their backs.

I think Donald Trump ought to show us his alpha male. He ought to show us he really is the badass that he claims. Why don’t he just go ahead — he de facto controls the RNC now, Peter — why doesn’t he just go ahead and say, ‘You know what, we’re going to go ahead and unbound those delegates. I’m going to go for the ultimate sale close, the biggest reality TV show stage on the planet with every camera in the world watching.

Watch if you want but his twitter address is

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