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[AUDIO] Dr Ben Carson: “I would never allow 2nd Amendment to be jeopardized”

When you hear people say Dr Ben Carson is against 2nd amendment rights, do your research! Track down his office, his handlders, his email address and ask him point blank “Are you against the 2nd amendment.”

I actually was waiting on someone to post this and since they didn’t I will.

Many people have gotten his position incorrect and while listening to the Sean Hannity Show on Friday, his first question out the box was from Donovan, a young man from California who stepped to the plate and asked the question.

Honestly, I am happy that Carson answered the question. Now if you feel as if you want to pick and pry and tear apart his answer that’s on you as a human and American. To those who take Mr Carson for his words without condition, very good.

h/t Audio courtesy of Sean Hannity Show


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