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[AUDIO] A Lesson For Candidates: How To Get Dems To Cross Party Lines & Vote For You

Jonathan_ZachariouJonathan Zachariou is a Republican running for California’s 6th Senate District, and he has a plan to win. Jonathan’s unique style of campaigning won over many Democrats & independents in his bid for a CA Assembly seat in 2012, bringing in 30% of the vote in a district that had only 25% Republican registration, and he did it with little to no money.

Jonathan was born in San Francisco, California to Greek immigrant parents, and is the lead pastor for Davis Christian Assembly where he’s been preaching since 1991. He’s fluent in both English and Greek, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Church Leadership, and a Minor in Cross Cultural Communications from Bethany College.

jonathan w officers 2 no red eye crop_800x600I caught up with Jonathan at a California Young Republican Federation (CYRF) meeting on Thursday. The CYRF had just held their annual officer’s elections, and Jonathan showed up to speak to the group. Funny, affable, and well-versed in CA politics, he explained to me his secret for getting voters to cross party lines, and check the box next to his name.

Zachariou uses humor, life experience, and his experience as a pastor while campaigning to get across to voters who would usually only vote straight ticket. One of the more humorous lines he uses with voters is, “Do you like babies? I like babies.” Honestly, who doesn’t like babies? The E-Trade baby? Huge. This should probably be a line for all Republican candidates. What a great & funny way to reach out to women voters.

Highlights of the interview:

  • It’s about love. He doesn’t hate anyone, and he doesn’t have personal enemies. He merely disagrees with some people’s ideology.
  • On abortion: To Dem voters he says: President Obama, President Clinton and I agree that we want fewer abortions. Do you agree? How do we do that?
  • He reaches out to single moms who need help, and he believes single men who cause pregnancies & don’t support their kids should be educated to do what’s right.
  • States say tax money is going for education, but in reality, the money goes to the General Fund, while schools are being closed.
  • He doesn’t have a problem with tax money going to help those who are truly disabled, he has a problem when that money goes to those who usurp the system, and to those who see government subsidies as a paycheck.
  • CA is going to repeat what Greece did. We’re issuing bonds without collateral behind them.
  • Democrats aren’t the problem, it’s the “CriminalCrats” who are the problem. CriminalCrats write laws at the behest of special interests, and those laws only benefit them, not the people.
  • The “CriminalCrat” seeks to embed himself & others like him into the gears of government, to continue to feed their own bellies. They are the enemies of all of us. They are the enemies of the liberal, as much as they are the enemy of conservatives, because they only feed themselves.

This is a lesson for all candidates, especially those in blue states. Zachariou is a frequent speaker at Second Amendment protests at the CA capitol, and he fires up the crowds. In my opinion, he’s an up-and-comer in the conservative movement.

This was a live interview done in a restaurant/nightclub. You’ll hear the background noise, but Jonathan is a person definitely worth listening to. Check him out, and share this with your friends, family, and patriots who are serious about taking our country back, and all who are willing to do what it takes to get it done.

Jonathan’s campaign website:


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