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[Audio] Julian Assange Is Alive and “Perfectly OK”; But Internet Access Cut Off

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I know some of you are heavy into conspiracies and want to use that as a reason for what can’t be explained but let me assure you it’s not healthy to push common sense off the cliff for a Twitterfest of innuendos and fear.

Julian Assange has a great following here in America because of the work he does expose our government and giving us the evidence we need to support our claims things are not as they seem.

Sunday night, a few websites promoted the idea that Assange might have been killed and some used the word “dead” due to unnatural causes. My common sense kicked in, and I tweeted this out:

TruNews Edward Szall called the Ecuadorian Embassy to check into the situation and here is the audio of that phone call.

I think the safest person alive until election day is Assange. If something should happen to him, can you imagine the landslide Donald Trump would win by? Hillary Clinton would be tied to his death because of the Wikileaks daily document dump exposing her corruption. She would be done.

What many find weird and unjust is Assange’s Internet access is cut off:

With that said, Wikileaks has put plans into place for contingency and are awaiting further instructions. If Hillary Clinton or our government things Assange was just sitting in his room doing all this alone, they are sadly mistaken.

I think it’s an excellent service that Assange provides helping to fortify our concerns about the U.S. Government, but it’s up to you the American voter to go and vote. Only the American people can change things at the ballot box no matter how many emails get dumped or internet access turned off.

Don’t forget to register to vote and let’s win this thing in November.

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