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Autistic 6-Year-Old Sat On Santa’s Knee; What Happened Next Made This Go Viral!

This was a beautiful holiday story! Young Landon Johnson was afraid Santa Claus wasn’t going to accept him because he had autism, but it didn’t stop jolly ole St. Nick. The video below explained the story in detail, and it’s heartwarming to see something like this around the holidays.

Kids like Landon need to know they are loved and understood. We can’t be everywhere our kids are all the time, but Landon opened up to Santa because he found trust in the older man and that speaks volumes.

From FaithIt:

When 6-year-old Landon Johnson went to sit on a mall Santa’s lap last week, it started out normal as he relayed all the gifts he would like that year: a Wii, a remote control car, and a toy dinosaur.

But what Landon’s mom did not expect is that he would rush back to Santa’s lap to confess something that he thought was really really bad about himself. He wanted to let Santa know he had autism. Even more heartbreaking is the question he posed after the confession.

“Will my autism put me on the naughty list?” Landon asked. To his mom’s amazement, Santa just started rubbing her son’s hands to calm him down, as he told him, “It’s okay to be you.”

“You know I love you and the reindeer love you and it’s OK. You’re a good boy,” Santa told WOOD-TV. “You’re a good boy, you know.”

“This stranger in a red suit told my son the same message I’ve been trying to get through to him for a while now—that he’s special and I love him just the way he was made,” Landon’s mom told “Seeing Landon’s face light up in that moment was just incredible. I couldn’t stop crying.”

Here are some reactions after parents watch this:

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