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AWESOME! Bikers for Trump to support him at future rallies, starting today in Wisconsin!

With all of the vitriol protests by Media Matters, George Soros funded groups along with Black Lives Matter, America’s patriot bikers have decided to provide cover for the GOP front-runner Donald Trump at future rallies.

According to BVANews, bikers from all over the United States want to protect Trump’s right to speak by being there to keep the peace and allowing supporters of the Republican candidate to safely attend.

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From BVANews:

As of midday Saturday, 1,200 had pledged to be there, and Mittness figured that meant 1,000 or so would show up on Tuesday.

“It’s really overwhelming. I was not anticipating this kind of response,” Mittness said.

While Mittness is working to have a peaceful protest that doesn’t interfere with the Trump event, Janesville police are preparing for any possibility.

Janesville Police Chief Dave Moore said Friday he didn’t yet know how many officers would be assisgned, but his department reached out to police agencies in Rock County, including the sheriff’s office, as well as the State Patrol, DNR and Dane County Sheriff’s Office.

The joint Beloit-Janesville-Rock County sheriff’s “mobile field force,” which specializes in crowd control, will be there, Moore said.

Moore noted the Janesville Conference Center holds 1,000 and said he expects “a substantial number of people” outside.

Trump’s event is scheduled for 3 p.m. The local protest is slated to begin at 11 a.m.

Police respect the constitutional right to freedom of speech, “and to the degree possible, we intend to allow all citizens to voice their opinions, but we will require that it be done in a peaceful and safe manner,” Moore said.

Here is some reaction from Twitter users:

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h/t – BVANews

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