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Babies Being Sold On Facebook! Police Called But There’s A Twist, They Aren’t Real!

Many of you will have open mouths in just a few seconds and it’s very common after you witness these life-like collections.

Bunny Bundles reborns by Rachel is a company that sells babies online for profit, but they are not real babies. These are the most life-like creations I’ve ever seen. I can see why the police were called on them when someone on Facebook had a concern about human trafficking.

Check out these photos:

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Watch the video below:

NOTE: If you are unable to watch this video on facebook, please use this mobile link:

From Liftable:

All of their babies come from a mold. They are weighted to feel like a real baby and they can take days or weeks to hand paint and put together.

An artistic background helps them create the most realistic products possible. Prices range from $200-$500 or more.

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Rachel says they receive a lot of their business from nursing homes. Their dolls help to relax the residents by bringing back memories of when they were parents or grandparents.

“A lot of people who develop dementia, they end up shutting down,” said Kathy. ”They lose that sense of purpose in their life because they have a hard time functioning, and when they introduce the babies, it does something. It gives them purpose again, and they feel like they’re taking care of something, and it brings them back out of their shell.”

So you know you want one don’t you?

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