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Back from the USSR, From a “Texan” With Love

Code named “Texas” by his Russian comrades, like it or not, this “individual” tells it like it is on Vice News, wishing to ride back to Texas on a Soviet Tank.

Instead of passively accepting the New Normal, he takes action to establish it, throwing his thoughts into the wilderness of conspiracies of his ilk, priming the propaganda bubble. His equally stimulated but narcissistically naive interviewer suggests him to fight on US soil instead. He still feels that Russians should spare him enlistment in Donbas, that they are simply misguided on Ukraine, when no one is to be spared!

This illustrates the cryptic situation in which the Revolution never died but simply reorganized. The Soviet Union’s death never changed Marxists like Obama. Whatever “peace deal” we resign ourselves to with, say, Cuba, it never is sure “Peace in our Time”. Governments come and go, words and promises get broken easily, marriages and relationships mean nothing, divorce is forbidden.

Crisis promotes movements of chess pieces breaking the stalemate of the Cold War, allowing power repositioning, milking old messianic gullibilities. Armed self-representation is of paramount importance as we cannot rely on the neighbor’s “World Order” to represent cursory interests.

Some like “Texas” above still fight the Civil War, or World War II (Russian buddies), and all hopes are on unrest to create a repositioning, ie. revolutionary method. So, the matter of the Cold War being revived or not is not relevant to them, World War I or 7th century Mohammed’s conquest is still being fought.

Short of military ability, could Russia convert the world over in a Narcissistic Nationalist Communism, reflecting feelings, ideology, social and some history for good looks? Would we trust disarmament? It is not like the South can fight alone or Russia alone, but there is “hope” and “change” in the air. Which of these “cool” kids do you prefer? Muslimophile Obama? Communist “Texas”? Liberal socialist Vice News Reporter? The Russian hack buddy? Voting is not easy, so, get them together?

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