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Backed Into The Red Corner?

Sometimes it’s worrisome to wonder if conservatives have squandered an opportunity these last six years. This midterm election cycle was an even bigger success than 2010. But was it simply a repudiation of Obama and his policies, or the philosophy of big government solutions in general? It can be easily forgotten that Obama is merely the most prominent contemporary herald of progressivism. He is only a “failure” in as much as he, like so many others, subscribes wholeheartedly to a failed political structure.

I know I’ll never vote for a democrat, save for maybe an instance of voter fraud. I know that because I know the democrats and you do have to give them one thing. They deliver. However it’s precisely for that reason they won’t get my vote. I don’t want what they’re selling. Meanwhile, the republicans have trouble actually delivering on their word. It’s a frustrating choice. Democrats or proxy democrats.

Does the leadership of the GOP want small government? Or do they want big government with an elephant instead of a donkey? The track record is far from encouraging. There are signs of real promise from the republicans, which is why they still have a glimmer of hope. They have a legitimate history of attracting libertarians and constitutional purists. Their most prominent success in the new millennium, one that needs to be shouted from the rooftops nonstop, is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. However, they’re still too few and far between to garner a warm fuzzy.

I quit being a registered republican in 2004. Realize that stating any form of “anything other than a vote for a republican is a vote for a democrat” is a quick way to mark yourself as a jerk and a tool. Plus, it is highly presumptuous (and communist) to demand that others betray their conscience regarding their vote. Even if the statement is true, it’s even more cause to resent the establishment GOP for putting us in such a rock and a hard place, not those who refuse to automatically vote for the republican. Especially when in the long-term the establishment ultimately proves the whole endeavor to be a false choice. But hey, you’ re going to keep voting for us and we’re going to keep letting you down and you’re going to take it. Because otherwise you get the democrats.

Furthermore, if you want unquestioned devotion to a political party, perhaps you should reconsider the democrats. The reason they’re not plagued by third-party vote siphons like the GOP is because they’re philosophically committed to the lockstep collective. Individuality is crushed by groupthink on the left, but having an (R) after your name should not mean de facto support from conservatives. If that’s the case, then it’s doubtful that the citizens actually hold any real power.

With all that said, the weeks preceding this election prompted some vigorous soul-searching. With the disclaimer that in many ways it is likely too late, there can be no doubt we are on the precipice. The nation, yes, but the republicans definitely. Progressives have made so many inroads, and these last six years have been turbo-charged. We’re fighting social battles we could scarcely imagine a decade ago. The descent must be stopped.

It was a reassuring surprise to see that while there was a great deal of jubilation election night, there was a certain subdued quality to it. This was a reluctant victory we gave tepidly to republicans. Honest patriots with very real concerns for the future of liberty who’ve been burned one-too-many times by dishonest champions of individual independence. It was a nice surprise again to hear the warily optimistic reactions to the election from conservative heavyweights Levin, Limbaugh and Hannity. Even Ann Coulter expressed more warning than congratulations towards the winners.

If one has believed up to this point that it’s republicans or bust, precisely because of how high the stakes are, fine. Moment of truth, but no more. If the republicans screw this up I’ll gladly shout down any conservative who blindly flies their flag from here on. The GOP does not deserve our guaranteed support, precisely because of how high the stakes are. Between this election and their 2016 nominee, the republicans are on notice. Defend the Constitution or join the Whigs you yourselves replaced. This is your last chance.

About John Sutton

Married father of three. 5 C's. Particularly concerned with matters pertaining to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments.

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