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by shawnzam

Bacon Lovers Rejoice!

After years of being told by the Center For Science As A Public Nuisance that we all need to just shut up and enjoy our low sodium, low fat, low cholesterol, low taste existence, word comes that pretty much all of that was out to lunch. For those of us that steadfastly ignored those warnings, it looks as though we’re not knocking at death’s door after all.

Last summer we learned that low sodium diets were not only ineffective, but possibly harmful as well. This week we learn that fat isn’t the silent killer we have been led to believe, and dietary cholesterol has no real bearing on our serum cholesterol levels. What this means of course, is that we can now enjoy butter and red meat without having to have a medical power of attorney on file at the local hospital, but of primary importance to all of mankind – bacon is back!

photo by Emma ForsbergNot that I stopped eating bacon or anything, but you know what I mean. The world’s most perfect food will no longer elicit disapproving looks from the healthy diet police, and we are free to enjoy our bacon-wrapped world. Bacon chefs around the world have been freed to create those masterpieces of hickory smoked pork awesomeness that make life worth living.

As we reflect on this wonderful news, a few questions come to mind. Now that low sodium is bad for us, why are there still low-sodium products on the shelves being marketed as a “healthy choice”? How soon will all of those flavorless low-fat products be pulled from stores to make room for food people want to eat? Let’s face it, we’ve all had to learn to read food labels to make sure we didn’t accidentally pick up the low-fat and low-sodium versions of our favorite foods, so the sooner those impostors are yanked off the shelves the better.

One potential problem that could arise from this is that it will take some time for beef and pork producers to ramp up production to meet the new demand, and the chicken and turkey producers may see a corresponding drop in demand, but that will be a necessary part of the food world righting itself after the long disruption in the natural order of things. Perhaps now would be the best time to stock up on enough bacon to carry you through the rough times.



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James P Willis lives with his family in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is a Cold War submarine veteran, political activist, and retired industrial mechanic. James is currently an Editor / Contributor for NewsNinja2012, a freelance writer, and his blog can be found at

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