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Bad News! A&E’s Duck Dynasty Comes To An End!

All great dynasties are always built to reign forever but then something happens and those goals are dashed. Well Duck Dynasty, one TV’s most popular shows ever has decided to close up shop at the end of this last season.

I’m glad America got to see true, honest Christians on TV for such a long time. Whether you liked or agreed with what they said or not, they got a positive message out there. And none of them molested family members or got caught on porn sites.

From The Associated Press:

The “Duck Dynasty” family says its A&E series will end after this season.

Their announcement was paired with Wednesday’s debut episode of the show’s 11th season.

“Duck Dynasty,” one of reality TV’s biggest hits, starred a successful Louisiana duck call-making family, the Robertsons. They told viewers it was a family decision to make this season the final chapter.

In 2013, the year after it debuted, “Duck Dynasty” ran into controversy. Phil Robertson, the family patriarch, was suspended by A&E after GQ magazine quoted him declaring that gays are sinners and African-Americans were happy under Jim Crow laws.

His family supported him, saying in an online post at the time that although some of Phil Robertson’s comments were coarse, “his beliefs are grounded” in the Bible and he is a “Godly man.” Others defended his right to voice his opinions, and he was reinstated by A&E.

The last flight of “Duck Dynasty” will be broken into halves. The show will run through Jan. 18, take a break and then resume March 1. The series finale is set for April 12.

But the family teased Wednesday that there could be “Duck Dynasty” specials ahead.

So much hate for a show that at least teaches morals and has a good family showing. all these people saying “thank god” watch shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and love and hip hop or some trash like that.

This is much more enjoyable to watch than shows like the Kardashians. One show is just evil misfits that are poisoning young people, while the other is funny and full of love, devotion, family, and God. Duck Dynasty was a very wholesome show, far above the usual trash that is on television. God be with these guys!

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