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Baltimore AG Mosby Shamelessly Goes After Police, Media For Losing Freddie Gray Case!

After losing the first three trials, State Attorney Marilyn Mosby said she was dropping the charges against the three remaining officers. Why? She says because of an “inherent bias” in the system, it was a “dismal likelihood” she could secure a conviction on the remaining three. Really? Is she concluding the black judge has a bias, because the only ones left are in her own office.The only bias we’ve seen in this case is a state attorney, who decided to bring charges to appease a mob! No officer or lawyer, in their right mind, believed she could secure convictions in these cases. This woman should be disbarred for malicious prosecution!

It is easy for these criminals like Mosby to be brave and exclaim she can take it…when she knows there is nothing coming in her direction to take.

This arrogance and the reasons they can be so arrogant is what infuriates me. These cops are finished, their lives are ruined and she will go on to be successful like all democrat operatives and activists do.

Remember that the democrats did this to these cops, and they stand with another career criminal junkie and drug dealer.

From CBS Baltimore:

“For those that believe that I’m anti-police, it’s simply not the case,” she began. I’m anti-police brutality. I need not remind you that the only loss and the greatest loss in all of this was that of Freddie Gray’s life. For over a year, my office has been forced to remain silent in all six of the cases pertaining to and surrounding the death of Freddie Gray.

Despite being physically and professional threatened, mocked, ridiculed, harassed and even sued, we respected and fulfilled our obligation and dutiful silence in accordance with Judge Barry Williams’ gag order, restricting any commentary from the state.

In accordance with my oath to pursue justice over conviction, I refuse to allow the grandstanding of some and the hyperbole of others to diminish our resolve to seek justice on behalf of this young man. I was elected the prosecutor.

I signed up for this, and I can take it. Because no matter how problematic and troublesome it has been for my office, my prosecutors, my family, and me personally, it pales into comparison to what mothers and fathers all across this country… go through on a daily basis knowing their son’s mere decision to run from the police proved to be a lethal one.”

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Mosby, both made to look like the fools they truly are.

Their stupidity, their agendas, and their bias all exposed. Instead of identifying the actual problems in the city, they used excuses, condoned criminal behavior, attempted to ruin the lives and careers of these officers and further divided their city and this country.

It is so nice to see these officers cleared. But a shame they had to go through the process. Go away Blake and Mosby. You are both an embarrassment to your professions.

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