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Baltimore Mayor who gave space to rioters to destroy property has woman arrested for throwing water on her

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says “give them space to destroy” and looters obey.  Mayor expects taxpayers to pay for all the damage and destruction done by looters. She’s also pushing for prosecution of police officers for obeying her orders. She tells officers to stand down and the result is rising homicide rates, then points finger at police commissioner and fires him. Mayor hasn’t been fired.

But, woman dumps harmless water on the Baltimore Mayor and gets arrested.

balt mayor

Lacheisa Pailin-Sheffer, 37, is accused of running up to Rawlings-Blake and pouring a large cup of liquid of the mayor’s head, according to the Baltimore Sun. The mayor’s aides rushed to dry her off, while the protection united grabbed Pailin-Sheffer and arrested her.

Pailin-Sheffer was charged with second-degree assault, police said.

“I didn’t know what it was that she threw at me,” Rawlings-Blake said when asked about the incident. “I hope it was water. It was more shocking than anything else.”

Consider – they arrest a woman for throwing water….yet don’t for rioting, looting, arson etc….what a town and perhaps the worst Mayor in America..

If she’s charged with second degree assault what is the Mayor going to be charged with for allowing riots in his area.

Now she knows how it feels to be dumped on.  She has dumped on the Police Commissioner, The Police Officers and The Media.  Serves you right.  You should try following the Golden Rule, Oh Well, I guess you have.  You dump on people and now they are starting to dump on you.  Take a hint Mayor, GET OUT!!!!!!!

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