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Hypocrite Pastor Jamal Bryant SLAMS clergy for meeting with Trump; calls them prostitutes [VIDEO]

Jamal Bryant thinks HE does know what the black community “needs?” The proof is in the pudding, and if what he’s done in Baltimore is his “proof” then he has failed. He has no credibility to speak out about other black preachers.

Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple church turned down an invitation to meet with Donald Trump and took to social to call those that did meet with the GOP front-runner “prostitutes.”

Politics aside, this man is a hypocrite!

The interview conducted by CNN brought two pastors together during Monday night’s segment to discuss a meeting held earlier in the day at Trump Tower. The Baltimore Sun reported the following:

In a video posted on Periscope, Bryant urged church-goers to call their pastors and pressure them not to endorse Trump. He listed the names of pastors expected to attend the meeting, and cited Trump’s statements negatively portraying Black Lives Matter activists, Hispanics and refugees as evidence that Trump does not have minorities’ interests at heart.

“If your pastor tells you they’re going to New York on Monday, I need you to call them out,” Bryant said. “Donald Trump does not represent what our community needs or what America needs.”

Bryant accused the preachers of “selling out” to Trump, and on Twitter compared them to prostitutes.

“Prostitutes for Trump … don’t let black pulpit become a pole,” he wrote.

He also made a boastful claim that his video on periscope helped a few pastors decline to show up to talk about issues with the GOP presidential front-runner.

Pastors were under no obligation to endorse Trump, but why not attend a meeting? Blacks have been supporting the Democrat party without question for more than a half-century. Despite this undying loyalty, the plight of blacks have not changed all that much. This meeting, at least, was a first step in exploring alternatives to Democrats.

Check out the interview in full here:

What do you think of this guy? Share you thoughts and emotions here. This is not right by any means!

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