Obama backtracks: “Economy is not doing fine” but doesn’t speak to private sector earlier statement

President Obama once again backtracks on a gaffe that was recognized quickly and attacked by Republican Mitt Romney and the RNC

Hours after Obama said the “private sector is doing fine” and Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee pouncing on his gaffe, President Obama spoke again insisting that more needed to be done to jump start the economy.

“It’s is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine, that’s the reason I had the press conference,” the president said Friday afternoon in response to a reporter’s question.
This entire situation started earlier this morning during a news conference where Obama referred to his invisible 27 months of job creation – NOTE: Still no show of where those 4.5M jobs are, just words only. The Romney campaign and RNC leaped to that earlier statement like a pack of malnourished wild dogs noticing red meat for the first time in a year. Mayor Corey Booker has backtracked, Black Pastors have back tracked, other surrogates have back tracked and now the President back tracks…is there any responsible people in this administration willing to stand up for what they say. We need a leader BAAAADDD!!!

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