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Barbara Boxer has check out of reality! “It is a war on women’s health, it is not about abortion”

This proves not everyone voted into office is playing with a full deck!

Senator Boxer is lying through her teeth when she says Planned Parenthood is not about abortion. It’s a damn shame that her and her fellow California Senator Feinstein did not care enough to raise hell after the killing of Kate Steinle in their own city of San Francisco by illegal alien who’s sanctuary city policies they support.

Senator Boxer never had much class before so why start now.

SEN. BARBARA BOXER: It is a war, I am glad you called it that. It is a war on women’s health, it is not about abortion. Planned Parenthood spends 97% of its dollars on non-abortion related services… They serve 2.7 million people in America every year, 500,000 of those happen to be hispanic. It is a very important healthcare organization, and this attack started from the day Planned Parenthood was founded in 1916, when the founder of Planned Parenthood was arrested for trying to distribute birth control to poor women.

How can Barbara Boxer completely Ignore the fact that –aborted babies organs are being sold ?

Does Barbara Boxer think its fair that taxpayers continue to fund PP, under these circumstances?

Why would the PP people in the video be discussing “getting caught”….. if they weren’t doing anything wrong?

Democrats like Boxer want to harp on “A war on women”, “Hispanics”, “Healthcare”,…… Yep, she got them all mentioned in just one sentence. Did she mention “Black lives matter”? (Oh wait…. 35% of those abortions are for black women?) Maybe she just forgot? …….or doesn’t care?

Watch her in this video clip:

How do you feel about this woman and what she said? Leave your comments below.


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