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BARNETT: Who really ends up paying the cost to raise minimum wage?

Do those receiving an increase in their pay, due to an increase in minimum wage, actually benefit from the pay increase? When we raise minimum wage, are we ultimately hurting the ones we say we want to help?

Asking, “Who really ends up paying the cost?” is a legitimate question. A pay increase is a real cost. It’s not fictional, it’s not imaginary; it’s a real, tangible cost. Someone has to pay for that.

Unlike our national debt, corporations cannot put on blinders and simply say “we’ll deal with that tomorrow.” Unlike our national leaders, corporations cannot print their own money and print their way out of high expenses. The truth is, if some smaller corporations are forced to pay, it might be the end of that company.

When costs increase, it immediately and negatively affects the corporation’s bottom line. One may be saying right now, “So what, we don’t care about the corporation.” But, you should care.

As costs increase, the corporation is now left with a decision to make:

  • Do we, the corporation, absorb these costs? Do we simply bit the bullet, so to speak, and suck it up?
  • Or, do we pass these costs on to someone else to pay?
  • Which would you choose?

That’s the question that must be answered.  Check out Kathy’s take:

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