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Beck apologizes via Facebook for publishing “fake tweet” about Trump voting for Obama

The Blaze’s conservative TV and radio host Glenn Beck’s hatred for Donald Trump is known by all. Beck’s followers, for the most part, follow that hate blindly and take the same views without question.Would YOU communicate something like that tweet if YOU didn’t know it was FACT? And if you did communicate

If you check out a lot of social media responses, the consensus agrees what Beck did this weekend was beyond reprehensible. Beck tweeted this out to call out Trump as a liar and Barack Obama supporter. When Trump denied ever having voted for the president Beck tweeted the following:

Would YOU communicate something like that tweet if YOU didn’t know it was FACT? And if you did communicate it, what would be your purpose anyway? Beck’s tweet is libelous as well as the original creator.

Late last night Beck apologized for claiming that he’d been duped by a fake tweet.

From Glenn Beck’s Facebook:

****10pm Saturday Update: my apologies for the misinformation. I will always lead with my mistakes. It does appear this to be fake. My fault for not checking it far enough myself. I take complete responsibility for this error.

Apparently it comes from this site:

I owe Donald Trump an apology for the error of this tweet. More importantly I owe you an apology for making the water muddy where the water is crystal clear on his record.

Update: this is a deleted tweet from the trump Twitter feed.

My researchers are split tonight on whether or not this was a hack or fake.

I want to make sure that you know from me first that the staff is split down the middle. Not enough to say real or fake at this point.

There is no denial from the campaign on this tweet. But I do not want to run anything that is not accurate.

If it is deemed a fake you will hear it from me. If it is real, the same. Until we can come to a consensus and feel comfortable I want to let you know that it is in question.

There is enough on Donald Trump to not have to make things up. (See the earlier post of him defending abortion and the New York voting difference)

I work hard to make sure we get it right as you know. After 3 years on Fox taking on the likes of the White House and George Soros you know we do our homework and if we get it wrong we lead with our mistakes.

Is Beck’s hatred for Trump too much? Should he maybe back off and work on other things? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.




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