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Beck doesn’t agree with Carson supporting Trump: You’ll Be in ‘Dustbin of History’ – AUDIO

This was posted by Glenn Beck! Why am I not surprised! I support both Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Both Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson are highly intelligent Christian men and Mr. Beck your comments are despicable and certainly not Christian!

From Glenn Beck’s Facebook Page:

Horrible. Have you seen Ben Carson’s Facebook page? His supporters feel betrayed. Here’s another comment I just read:

“I chose Dr Carson not because he was outside the establishment, but because he was a man of God. Which Trump surely is not. You shall know them by their fruit Dr Carson.” – Rhonda

Ben, you are going to find yourself in the dustbin of history.

Beck, you have become as ridiculous as the mainstream media but worse, because you claim to be “different.”

I follow Ben Carson, as I follow the rest of the GOP candidates. MOST of the comments from his Facebook fans have been overwhelmingly supportive. You select the few that fit your narrative and post them like they are the norm. Shame on you. To be honest, at this point, you are a major hindrance to me supporting Ted Cruz.

Your crazy rhetoric and stretching of the truth lead me to wonder if Cruz was the right man for the job. After all, if he has crazy people supporting him, then, by YOUR standards, I shouldn’t trust him. Isn’t that right?

You can listen above (starting at the 10-minute mark), via The Glenn Beck Program/

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