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Beck fires 40 employees; blames it on poor mgmt and $500K on Cruz campaign

A fool and his money.

Just a few short months ago, TheBlaze’s founder Glenn Beck while campaigning in Las Vegas with Sen. Ted Cruz created a video that questioned his purpose. It seemed his company was in trouble as his show was being taken off the air in some places because of “Trump supporters” complaining.

Here’s that video:

To many of you that just watched that video, you will see it as something very weird and almost sad to view. Cruz went on to get skunked in Nevada by Donald Trump and this news went by the wayside.

This week, Beck had to fire 40 employees. But this it seemed as if the televangelist wanted to blame upper management for not believing in his vision. He also admitted to spending over $500K traveling and supporting the Cruz campaign.

Watch the video here:


Here’s the transcript:

There’s a story maybe you have read, that came out yesterday, that is talking about how yesterday, my company The Blaze laid off 40 people, and my media empire is crumbling, and part of it is because I’m traveling around with Ted Cruz,” he said, referencing a Daily Beast story.

Well, I want you to know,” Beck continues. “Yes, I’ve lost a lot of money traveling around with Ted Cruz. I’ve lost about half a million dollars. That’s my choice. I believe in something.

Because when I started to go into the books — I was a bad steward. And when I started going into the books and see what had been done to my company that didn’t ever take on debt, I was first told that we were, I think, $4 million in debt. And then it became $7 million in debt. And then when I got the final accounting, 18 months ago, my company that doesn’t take on debt was $13 million in debt.

If Beck and Mark Levin spent half the time on Crooked Hillary that they did on Donald Trump, then they wouldn’t be losing so much of their audience. Most of their arguments are not well thought out. Really sad. I along with millions of Americans have stopped listening to both of them.

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