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Beck on Cruz sex scandal: “I will drop him like a hot potato if these accusations were true”

TheBlaze founder and owner Glenn Beck shocked his listening audience today when he said he would drop Sen. Ted Cruz if he learned the sex scandal were true. For the most part, I think we all know Beck wouldn’t dump Cruz. He’ll deny the allegations just like Cruz, and the media is purposely not covering the mountain of evidence.

Right now, Beck has a lot invested in Cruz forgiveness for transgressions would be the way to go in this situation. There would probably be a soul searching broadcast where both Ted and Heidi came on his show, directed to his listeners and studio audience and they would probably talk about the situation at great length and how as Christians we need to forgive.

From Real Clear Politics:

GLENN BECK: [The National Enqurer] said something about Cruz’s “Latin blood” or something like that. First of all,t hat’s a horrible stereotype to make, and second of all, I have not seen it.

STU: We’re men, so maybe the chemistry isn’t there between us and Sen. Cruz…

BECK: I talked to Ted this weekend, and I talked to others that know him very… well. I’ve got five reasons, who’s got more, you tell me if you disagree with anything here.

I will drop him like a hot potato if these accusations were true…

Character matters… It’s one thing if for instance, he came out and said: ‘look, six years ago… Heidi and I were on the rocks, yes I cheated… and we dealt with that…’

Okay, I’ll give you a break if it is over and you guys dealt with it, that’s your business. I’m not here to condemn somebody for making a mistake. But if you’re a serial guy, like five of them during this campaign, that’s insane, a totally different person than we think Ted Cruz is…

Here are the things that I came up with…

First is Ted Cruz. He doesn’t have enough game. We’re not talking Tom Cruise. It’s Ted Cruz, have you watched him?

He’s like that in real life, what you see in the debate is how he always is…

He’s exactly the same. So A, the game. I just don’t see it…

Listen to the audio:

Whether or not to this day I have not taken a public side on whether the scandal is true or false, however, Cruz did blame the wrong party, that being Trump, probably because he panicked. He does owe an apology to the GOP front-runner but he won’t do it and that may be his undoing.

Things will never get right unless you admit you were wrong.

What do you think of Beck’s public declaration? Do you think he will “drop” Cruz if found to have participated in a sex scandal? Share your comments (below) and add this story to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

h/t – Real Clear Politics

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