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Beck tells studio audience: If America goes away, the blood will be on their hands

I can’t believe Glenn Beck is running around loose!

I love the LORD, but Beck and people like him are what turn people off. A true Christian doesn’t invoke God to promote their agenda. Pray and get out of God’s way. And all Trump supporters should pray for Trump and his family.

I like Trump because he is a self-funded, independent, FREE thinker above average PATRIOT NATIONALIST. We have no time for conservative principles at this point of history unless we decide to roll over and be obliterated by the vermin Marxists.

If Trump builds a wall that alone will be one big step towards freedom. However from what I understand about Trump he loves success and will do much more, that is why he is hated at unprecedented levels.


From :

Thursday on The Blaze TV, host Glenn Beck told his listeners why he is campaigning for Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz and he urged them to do the same because if America goes away, the blood will be on their hands.

Beck said, “I’m going to be in Arizona and Utah for the campaign and I’m doing it because that’s what I can do. Others can do whatever it is you do. But even if it’s one person, you be bold. We are on the Titanic, it’s going down. Knock on every single door. They don’t want to come? Fine. Don’t waste time. The Titanic is going down. But you knock on every single door—’Can I tell you about the truth? Can I tell you about the truth? Can I tell you about the truth, because here’s what’s coming, here’s what’s coming.’ They don’t want to hear it, up to them. But remember what Ezekiel said. Ezekiel said you will be held responsible. This is the thing no one understands from religious people.”

“I just don’t get it,” he continued. “Too much—we have been given much. Much is required. Required, not expected, required. Beyond that, Ezekiel talks about these times and says basically everyone in their own way, you are a watchman on the tower, you are a watchman at the gate. And the blood of the people who could have been saved—now think of this—because we’re talking about the rights of all mankind. If America goes down—this isn’t hyperbole any more, this isn’t like a famous Reagan speech that he gave—this is real. If we go away, where is freedom? So all of the freedom that will be lost, all of lives that will be lost because we refused to pay attention—on our hands.”

Trump is at 49.% in the Reuters daily poll. Cruz is at 22%. His ceiling has always been below 30%. After last Tuesday’s debacle, does anyone think that momentum is swinging to Lying Ted? If anything, Cruz is losing some ground.

Mr. Beck I have to tell you straight. If you show up at my doorstep saying “Can I tell you the truth” over and over again. I’m calling the cops. Please don’t riot with them on my front doorstep.

What can I say? I am fresh out of ideas. I watched televangelists growing up do the same thing and my perception became very cold of them. I am not happy where this is going and I implore Beck to stop and rethink the road he’s going down.

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h/t – Breitbart

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