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Beck: Trump talking about shooting people; he’s a very dangerous man [VIDEO]

The Blaze’s man in charge Glenn Beck joined Chris Cuomo to talk about his endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz this past weekend. Beck has glowing praise of Cruz and his constitutional beliefs and how it’s going to change the nation for the good if he gets elected.

He then went after GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and didn’t hold anything back once again. Beck talked about the “shooting people” remark Trump clarified later he was joking. “He’s a very dangerous man,” is the quote that will stick with many CNN watchers during this segment.

Many people believe Beck might be dangerous because of his reach and some of the things he has to say but as a surrogate now for Cruz, and contributor to the Senator’s campaign, you will have to stand back and watch this materialize before making up your mind.

Watch the interview here:

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