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Becky Noble: Spies Like Us

Last week, Senate Democrats, in their infinite wisdom, released a brutal report on the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation methods. Many of these interrogation techniques were put into place immediately following 9/11. The methods used, and whether or not they amount to torture is just one part of this complex report, as is the curious timing of its release. The revelation of this report has put military and intelligence officials all over the world on high alert, including some 6000 Marines.

The contents of the report, and the behavior of some people involved are not pretty, and the blame of course will be heaped squarely on the shoulders of President George W. Bush who approved the program in 2002. But is this report shocking to liberal Democrats because of its specific contents, or are they shocked by the military itself, and what they are charged to do to gather intelligence to  ultimately defend the nation?

No sane person is going to condone the use of inhumane torture tactics. Too many Americans have lost their lives at the hands of those willing to commit the most heinous acts of torture. But the Left has always had a hard time understanding what might constitute torture and what does not. In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, most Americans were quite willing to give the government a much longer leash when it came to intelligence gathering. In those first few days after when no one knew what might happen next, we wanted those who had murdered 3000 of our citizens on that day to be held accountable and if possible, tell what they knew. The military and its way of life has always been just a bit icky to former 60’s flower children. Maybe it was the bitter divide over the Vietnam War that helped shape this mentality.


The basic functions of the U.S. Military, to kill people and break things, has always been a problem for Liberals, who would like a much softer, gentler, can’t-we-all-just-get-along military. Oh if we could just get rid of those darned bombs and bullets! Liberals it seems, spend a lot of time undermining the military and its core values. Do they just not understand a few simple principles? It certainly is not complicated. They include love of God, family, and country. They include the elements of those first loves, truth, honor, dignity, integrity, courage, plus too many more to mention here. But you get the general idea.

When President Bill Clinton took office in 1992, one of his first orders of business was to institute the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy regarding gay servicemen and women. Suddenly the military became one giant petri dish for social experimentation. Clinton was also criticized for appeasement of the Serbs and capitulation to Europe and Russia during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, which many times proved to be in the best interests of the Europeans and the Russians.

Then there is our current Commander-in-Chief. When Barack Obama became president, the last thing on his mind was that role. Obama’s formative years at Occidental College and Columbia University were spent, by his own admission, with Radicals and Communists like Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis. These were people who had no love for the military and intelligence personnel. It has been obvious to many on the Right since day one, that Commander-In-Chief is merely a necessary evil. Something that just came with the job and must be tolerated and endured. People who do not like the military and affiliated agencies like Intelligence see no use for them and attempt to tie their hands whenever they deem necessary.

Make no mistake, this is also highly political. The Democrats were recently turned into hamburger meat in a mid-term drubbing. They are damaged and angry. Couple that with the revelations that the CIA also spied on members of Congress, and you have a bunch of people who may just want to poke their finger in the eye of the Intelligence community one last time.

More details from the report are sure to be forthcoming. If there are certain tactics that should not have been used, then by all means address them. Intelligence gathering is generally not pretty. It is messy and just not nice. It does not include the gathering of daisies as Liberals would like, but it is effective, and it does work. No singing of Kumbaya needed.

About Becky Noble

My name is Becky Noble. I am married to Randy. No kids, just a 50lb Border Collie mix who thinks my house is hers! After almost thirty years in the healthcare field, it is time to move on, and do something different. I hope to have a career in politics. Don't know whether that will continue to be writing and hosting "Conservative Cauldron Radio" on WAARadio on Fridays, or perhaps one day running for office. I am excited to pursue a new path!

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