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Behind Enemy Lines – Vito & Vito Sabotage!

The show was running so smoothly until Vito and Vito popped by and mucked everything up!

That said, tune in for another great-ish episode of Behind Enemy Lines. Gene & Russ interview Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners for America, who discussed what the pending “fast track” of the TPP means for the import and export of firearms? Can this legislation be used to curtail your fundamental rights and your access to guns? Is this a founded fear? Tune in for the interview.

Then Russ and Gene recap the tumultuous news in the war on terror, including their impressions of the closing of the US Embassy in Yemen.

And after V&V blew up the show, Gene announces the first confirmed guest for BEL’s coverage of CPAC 2015. Who is it? Tune in to find out!

All of that, plus a ducky version of Buffoon of the Week (no, we will not quack for you, Melissa Harris Perry!)

About Gene Berardelli

Gene Berardelli is a noted Republican election law attorney, a civil litigator, a blogger and host of Behind Enemy Lines, a internet radio show that features urban Republicans broadcasting from "The People's Republic of New York City" detailing the "fight from within the belly of the Liberal beast" on We Are America Radio Wednesday nights at 10 PM.

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