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Behind Facebook Bars

I am no stranger to being in the Facebook “pokey.” To be honest I have often been suspended for speaking out on several conservative issues and defending conservative politicians, leaders, entertainers… you name it. And I’ll admit, there have been times where I have earned my place in the “Facebook slammer” because if you know me at all in social media you know I don’t pull my punches. That being said, I was banned today to a 30-day suspension for a comment that troubles me.

As usual I was on Governor Scott Walker’s page doing my part to support the governor as he battles for his second term. While I was on the page one liberal engaged me and asked how my friends were who had been reported to the FBI for voter intimidation (can’t make this stuff up). In return all I did was ask her if she thought perhaps sitting on the governor’s Facebook page all day harassing his supporters was perhaps actual voter intimidation. I did not swear at her, I did not use her name, I did not make a threat – it truly was just a rhetorical question in the hopes that she would figure out what she was doing was actually voter intimidation.

Not a minute later I was kicked out of Facebook and when I logged in I was informed that THAT comment specifically was against Facebook standards, had been removed and I was banned for 30 days. Granted, I wouldn’t be in a 30-day suspension if I hadn’t been suspended before but over this comment? Really?

I decided to go to the page and report her comments about my friends (thinking all conservatives) being investigated by the FBI assuming since my post went against the Facebook community standards surely hers would as well as it was quite inflammatory. I quickly received a reply from Facebook telling me her post did not go against their standards and it had not been removed.

I’m sorry but something stinks in Denmark.

Oh did I mention another conservative friend lost her personal page and Facebook will not release it without a copy of her ID? And another was suspended for talking about their polices regarding using only real names – and this all happened in one day mind you.

Yes, midterms are merely days away and yes, I know Zuckerberg loves him some Obama and is a giant liberal but this is conspiracy theory on steroids, right? Surely they wouldn’t be so blatant in censoring little ol’ me (and others) just for being a conservative.

First Amendment, anyone? Or does that not apply to conservatives in this progressive nightmare we call a country right now?

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