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Creative Commons Jeff Sessions, Photo By Ryan J. Reilly, Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

BEHNA: BLM Activist Shaun King Calls Jeff Sessions “Most Racist U.S. Senator In America”

On Wednesday night, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King tweeted that the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the “most racist United States Senator in America.”

King is hypocritical to call him racist when he has the same problem.

Back in February 2016, sports columnist Jason Whitlock called out King for it.

TheBlaze explained in details.

Sports columnist and commentator Jason Whitlock wrote a column defending Broncos quarterback and NFL all star, Peyton Manning after New York Daily News columnist and activist Shaun King wrote a piece attacking Manning’s “squeaky-clean” character. The article alleges that Manning sexually assaulted a young woman while attending college at University of Tennessee.

“The guy that wrote this story for the New York Daily News, he’s not a journalist,” Whitlock said on the Dan Patrick Show Monday. “He’s a race hustler from Twitter, from the Black Lives Matter movement who stirs racial controversy to elevate himself. Listen, the guy’s been busted. First of all, he’s white and presenting himself as black. He said that as a child in high school he was allegedly attacked by a group of white people because he was black. Well, he wasn’t black and there were people saying that wasn’t why he was attacked and there’s no proof of it.”

Another story about King includes the tragic case of 30-year-old speech therapist Karina Vetrano, who was raped and murdered by a 20-year-old black man, Chanel Lewis.

In his Monday article about the case, King claims he is offended that the media outlet he writes for referred to Lewis as a “demon,” calling the words “racially charged.”

Media Research Center shared their view on him.

An innocent young woman was found facedown, beaten, strangled and sexually violated, her father traumatized and her family shattered, and King’s chief concern is that describing her rapist and murderer in a non-politically correct manner might give black folks a bad rap.

King tends to bring up the history of racism by whites in many of his stories. He wrote about the Chicago torture case of the disabled individual that took place last month.

This country does not need me to speak out on crimes committed by black folk because nobody in this country is held more responsible for the crimes they commit, and even the crimes they don’t commit, than black folk in America.

These are just a couple of stories in which King uses racism. Perhaps he should take a deep look into himself before calling Sessions a racist.

What do you think about his tweet? Comment below to let us know.

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